SABÉ MASSON香水於巴黎創立,是充滿朝氣的法式香水。每一種細膩、層次豐滿的香味,都是精心設計的完美氣味。獨有的護膚配方與高級香水相結合,創造出全新的幸福氣色,充滿著人的感性和優雅,也就是SABÉ MASSON的香水藝術。


SABÉ MASSON perfumes are created in the heart of Paris, in a spirited Maison du Parfum. Each delicate, sophisticated fragrance is imagined, fashioned and meticulously perfected. Their original skincare formulas combined with luxury perfumes create a new ritual of well-being and perfuming. Sensual, addictive, elegant. This is the art of SABÉ MASSON PERFUMES.