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Fitcover Australia是於2017年由澳洲健身媽媽Nova Jane創立的100%天然防汗運動裸妝品牌。品牌通過對天然成份的精挑嚴選,以及獨一無二的配方,能夠創造出防汗、防曬的妝容,並且在化妝同時護理女士們的肌膚。

品牌的宗旨,就是解決女性不肯運動的藉口,“我知道運動時化妝對皮膚不好”,或者“做運動是不可以化妝的,但我不能不帶妝出街”。 把這些藉口放到身後開始訓練、做運動!


Since 2017, Fitcover Australia is a 100% naturalsweat-resistant sports makeup brand by an Australian fitness mother, Nova Jane. Through careful selection of ingredients and a unique formula, they were able to create a makeup that was sweat-resistant, sunscreen and actually beneficial to ladies’ skin.

It is the greatest solution for those women that don't go to the gym because their excuse is "I know that wearing makeup during exercise wouldn't be helping my skin", or "I'm too self- conscious to go to train with no makeup on, but I can't go out without makeup", to put those reasons behind and go train!




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