Chacott from Japan is the largest dancing product brand in Asia. Chacott for Professionals is a professional make-up series designed for dancers and performance professionals. The perfect make-up products very popular among Japanese celebrities and models. Chacott Finishing Powder is the most popular item in the collection, which has triggered heated discussions among media in Japan in recent years. It has become the must-have item in cosmetic bag for Japanese ladies, and has been selected as Japanese largest beauty online platform @cosme no.1 prize of finishing powder for years.


日本Chacott為亞洲第一大舞蹈用品品牌,旗下的 Chacott for Professionals 專業舞台彩妝系列是為舞者與專業表演需求誕生,完美的彩妝效果在日本藝能界和模特兒圈裡深受歡迎。人氣商品Chacott定妝蜜粉(Finishing Powder),近年來引起網路熱烈的討論和獲選雜誌評比,受歡迎的程度讓它成為日本美眉化妝包裡必備單品,連續多年由日本最大美妝保養網站@cosme選為彩妝大賞蜜粉類年度第一。