BYBI Beauty名字BYBI”代表“By Beauty Insiders”。

BYBIElsieDominika2017年創立,她們亦是英國最大、最紅的天然護膚美容平台Clean Beauty Co的創辦人兼美容專欄作家。她們為美容護膚帶來了新的體會,同時讓粉絲學懂對用在肌膚上的產品和成份有更多的認識,更懂得挑選好的產品。這兩位80後英國女生,對英國的天然護膚界的發展和潮流,都起著非常重要的影響。

直至20172月,她們推出了BYBI Beauty的系列,所有BYBI的產品都在英國生產。她們致力為女士們帶來真正有功效的絕佳護膚、美容產品,她們只會使用對皮膚直接有益的成份製造護膚品,而且都是品質極高的100%天然成份,純素而且堅持不經動物測試。她們非常注重產品成份的透明度,她們認為每一位用家都有需要清楚知道她們的護膚產品的成份,因此都會清楚列明成份之餘,亦就每一件產品、每一個主要成份都說明其功效及製作的原因,讓用家對正在選用的BYBI產品有更深入的了解。


The name “BYBI” of BYBI Beauty stands for “By Beauty Insiders”.

Founded by Elsie & Dominika in UK in 2017, who are popular beauty bloggers from Clean Beauty Co. It is the UK’s biggest natural beauty platform. Elsie and Dominika started Clean Beauty Co to shine a light on beauty formulations and empower people to take control of what they put on their skin. They are seen as the UK’s premier destination for green beauty content and the girls are recognised as natural beauty thought leaders and innovators in the UK. And in Feb 2017, they launched BYBI.

All BYBI products are made in UK. They committed to bringing ladies really great beauty products that actually work. They create skincare using only ingredients that they know will directly benefit the skin; high quality ingredients that are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free. They believe in transparency, because everyone deserves to know what’s in their beauty products, and innovation, because natural doesn’t have to mean basic.



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