我們相信每一位女性都有把自己變得更美、更好的權利,值得擁有更高質的生活。我們自成立以來,一直鼓勵女生活得健康,希望每一位女性客人在需要找尋配合運動需要的產品時,包括運動服飾、運動化妝、護膚產品、個人護理用品、健康食品、運動用品等,不需要再四出搜羅,在這間小小的店裡就可以找到各種優質產品,讓運動美和健康生活態度都變得輕鬆容易。我們承諾,店裡的每一件產品都是經我們親身試用,精挑細選,真心推介給每一位Warm Up Girls 的好物。

WARM UP GIRLS Athleisure Beauty Concept Store

We believe that, “Every woman has the right to become better and prettier, and we all deserve a high quality of life”. Since we were established, we have been promoting sports and active living among our female community. We are a one-stop concept store where you can get everything you need for active living, ranging from activewear and accessories, sports cosmetics, skin and personal care, healthy food and lifestyle products. We promise that we have tried all our products. We pick and recommend products that best fit you.